FEN members meet in Ljubljana

FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK - members gathered at FEN meeting in 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 6-7 October. 

Autumn 2016 FEN meeting was held in Ljubljana after following Ljubljana forum on Future of Cities. Nodes presented their activities and different projects, followed by election of Vice President FEN 2017-2018. Anna Sacio-Szymańska was elected as Vice President FEN for the 2017 -2018 According to the FEN policy From 1st of January 2017 Cornelia Daheim will become the President of FEN and Blaž Golob Vice President for the time period of 2017-2018.


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FEN members meet in Starachowice

FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK - members, science and business representatives gathered on 3rd Future Engineering conference 2016 in Starachowice, Poland, 29-30 September.

On September 29th and 30th, Europa hotel hosted 3rd 2016 Future Engineering conference, which brought together science and business representatives ready to speak about common projects in the broad theme of manufacturing technologies. This year’s edition was exceptional as it broadened the scope of the conference towards foresight through the international Foresight Europe Network (FEN) featured session on the interdependencies between foresight and innovation management. Please find the conference summary below.


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FEN members meet San Sebastian

FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK – members gathered at first FEN meeting in 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain, 15-16 March. 

Nodes presented and evaluated their past activities and projects. Since FEN network receives expressions of interest of many different organisations to join the network, current FEN participants agreed that network is open for all members who are active in European foresight. Future collaboration activities and potential project opportunities were defined as well. In 2016, FEN network will be active in European foresight events: TURKU conference in Finland, Zagreb Forum in May in Croatia, Future of Engineering conference in September in Poland, and Ljubljana Forum on Future of cities in October in Slovenia. Meeting participants set the goals for 2016 to provide a concept and curriculum for Foresight training course and the concept of the future of cities.

In the photography: FEN Members from Italy, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, France, Croatia.

FEN members meet in Zagreb

FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK – members gathered at the third FEN meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, 24-25 November 2015, alongside the Zagreb Forum 2015 conference. 

Nodes presented their activities and projects and evaluated current Millennium project challenges. The opportunities for strengthened cooperation among the network members were agreed in connection to the EU calls potentially relevant for FEN. FEN members discussed the challenge of providing FEN with a toolkit for Foresight capacity building and leadership in various levels in partnership with different partners. The plan of activities for the upcoming period was prepared regarding the FEN communication and strengthening FEN European identity by following the vision of FEN ‘’Foresight for better Europe’’ and with concrete projects, foresight capacity building, and items of European interest such as the future of cities. FEN members agreed that the next meeting will take place in San Sebastian, Spain, March 15-16, 2016, alongside the future of cities event with Latin America City mayors.


FEN members meet in Turku, Finland

FORESIGH EUROPE NETWORK – members gathered at the second FEN meeting in Turku, Finland, 12-13 June 2015

The second FEN meeting was held in Turku, Finland, 12-13 June 2015. The FEN governing board members presented the FEN vision and mission ''Foresight for Better Europe'', the objectives and goals of FEN as defined in Paris UNESCO meeting. Participants reviewed the new knowledge sharing platform and agreed that it represents great improvement and lever for public visibility. The FEN strategy was discussed further on with key future development plans and projects.

For the very first time the delegation of the City of Belgrade joined the FEN which demonstrates the leadership of our network in the smart city development in the region. Therefore, the next FEN meeting will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, connected to Ljubljana Forum smart city development event.

New joint initiative Foresight Europe Network (FEN) established

FORESIGHT EUROPE NETWORK – the new joint initiative of the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) & the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC) was established in Paris, October 24, 2014

ERFC-EUMPI members gathered at the Anticipatory Governance Workshop at UNESCO, Paris, 24th of October 2014 to renew its vision and mission and establish objectives for the next period.

During 2012-2014, the ERFC-EUMPI Network has been working on a program called Foresight 2.0., in order to initiate the search of innovative and creative components in a new generation of foresight. Three reviews of field experiences have been organised in San Sebastian (Spain) about the Gipuzkoa experience, in Genval (Belgium) about the foresight experience of Wallonia, and in Ljubljana (Slovenia) about the foresight in the Danube region. The outcomes of these field studies were published in a book Regional Foresight 2.0 experiences that was launched during the Warsaw meeting in 2013, and can also be downloaded from the ERFC website :

The members of the network established new Mission and Vision statements for the new Foresight Europe Network (FEN), together with the working and research priorities for the next period.
The founding president of the network is Blaz Golob for the 2015-2016 period.  The Vice presidents are Cornelia Daheim and Ibon Zugasti.